May 25, Issue #102: Green Tea 2020 Season Has Arrived!

– As you might know, some of our best teas (Longjing, Anji, Biluochan etc) are produced in the prosperous provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Tea production has unfortunately reduced sharply due to the weather. In the case of HQ’s tea garden in Shifeng Mountain, West Lake, it was down as much as one-third, which is pretty bad. You see, these premium Chinese tea buds are not machine harvested. Laborers travelled from the poorer northern provinces to help with the tea picking season. It is a costly exercise. Labour cost has risen sharply in China in recent years and you need to pay for the transport, food and lodging. Unfortunately weather didn’t cooperate and turned cold towards the end of the picking window. In any case, we have somehow managed to maintain our prices this year. Long term customers will know we haven’t hiked prices for a while now. Please take advantage while it lasts.

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