Unending Benefits of Jiaogulan Tea That You Never Knew

There is no single better way to describe Jiaogulan teagreentea3 than how ancient Chinese used to call it. To this day, many people, especially from The Peoples’ Republic of China refer to this plant as the immortality herb. There are many reasons why the plant deserves this lofty title. What though, is this plant that we are talking about? Jiaogulan tea is a wild plant that dominant in many parts of China. The leaves of this plant are used for their medicinal uses. Because of the place where it is prevalent, the medicine that is produced from the leaves is sometimes known as Southern Ginseng.

For many years, people living in the Southern China’s mountainous region have used the plant for several reasons. Tea capsules that are still produced from Jiaogulan tea plant were used as energizing agents. Therefore, many people from the region could take a given number of capsules each morning before they ascended to their plantations for work with the believe that they would be energized throughout the day. It has worked that way for a long time. Some who could not access the processed capsules could take it in a form as a hot drink. Throughout the vast area, Jiaogulan tea is known as the best rejuvenating elixir that is better than ginseng. However, there are other potential benefits.

Benefits of Jiaogulan Tea

Jiaogulan tea high blood pressure is one of the major medicinal uses of this plant. Doctors advise patients who are suffering from high blood pressure to try this plant’s medicine. It is believed that extracts from Jiaogulan tea leaves are crushed and used to make a drug that is responsible to improve cardiac function. Recent studies indicate that the drug can actually improve heart stroke volume by 37%. In a bid to help patients maintain and regulate their blood pressure, Jiaogulan tea has active oxidants that are responsible for stabilizing blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels; strengthening them thus encouraging the optimal blood flow, maintain blood viscosity and the promotion of blood flow especially in the peripheral arteries. Simply put, Jiaogulan tea has what is required to address underlying causes of high blood pressure.

It would be wrong to point out to only one or few benefits of Jiaogulan tea since there are several other uses of the plant. Doctors still have strong believes that the plant can be used to prevent and treat other medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, bronchitis, gallstones; backache, constipation, ulcers, general body pain, insomnia, memory improvement, obesity, regulating cholesterol levels, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications among others.

Yes, try Jiaogulan tea high blood pressure today and you will realize the re-energizing, rejuvenating and longevity nutritional value of this immortality plant from Southern Ginseng, China.

Benefits of using jiaogulan supplements

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) 15413247281359720628749814720656058677680701nis a type of plant that highly grows in China and other countries throughout Asia. Individuals refer to it as Southern Ginseng due to its high growth in the southern central China region and due to its similarities with ginseng in function and chemical composition. In China, its use as an energizing tea and for some other medicinal purposes has been high for very many years and mostly in the local regions where it highly grows. The herb’s popularity is high and often called the immortality herb due to its health giving qualities and anti-aging effects. You should consider its benefits and discus them with your doctor before adding it into your daily routine.

• Cardiovascular benefits

Jiaogulan can protect you from heart diseases, heart attack and death, which result from heart related conditions. A study conducted in the year 2005 proved that Jiaogulan has protective effects against irregular heartbeats, heart spasm and death. Although the researchers used guinea pigs to conduct the research, this benefit might extend to individuals using this herb as well. Jiaogulan can also assist in the maintenance of a healthy heart. It helps in lowering the blood’s cholesterol levels and also reduces the blood pressure.

• Brain benefits

Jiaogulan consist of an element which can help in preventing any damages occurrence to the brain. Brain damages may cause degenerative cognitive conditions, which include Parkinsons disease. It prevents oxidative damages mostly associated with increased Parkinson’s disease risk. A research conducted in the year 2010 showed that Jiaogulan can offer many mental health benefits. This herb can also soothe body nerves and also reduce depression and anxiety.

• Additional benefits

Jiaogulan also boosts body’s immune system. The herb can also work to increase your endurance and stamina a feature that athletes highly desire. Jiaogulan is also beneficial in fat metabolism and can help in weight loss due to its ability of preventing the body from storing any sugar as fat.


You should not use Jiaogulan before consulting a doctor first. It’s advisable to tell your doctor about any other supplement, herbs, medication and vitamins you are using for them to ascertain that Jiaogulan won’t interact with them. Even though there are no documented adverse cases interactions, it is always important to inform your doctor about anything you are taking for them to be certain that jiaogulan supplements will be good for you.
Improper use of jiaogulan can lead to increased bowel movements and severe nausea. You should only take it internally in supplement or use it to make tea. Only take the actual amount and in the form your doctor recommends.

Jiaogulan powder for horses – Ideal for Overall Health Wellness

2874029683_c468799c50_bTaking horse care to the next level – it can be a tedious and even expensive investment. Have you tried Jiaogulan powder for horses, ever heard of it? If your horse is not using it, well you are just denying it robustness and power. One of the easiest ways of taking care for a horse is through jiaogulan horse powder. There are many reasons why you should administer this powder to your horse.

If your horse can be likened to the mustang (wild and hard to tame horse), you need something to calm its nerves down. Jiaogulan powder for horses is an adaptogenic herb, not only does it bring down stress levels in humans but also horses. It achieves that by regulating the hormone, cortisol–increasing or decreasing it as needed. Give this to it especially when undergoing training, schooling or racing.

To attain super healthy body and strong immune, horses must be given supplements. But not supplements are such good. Ever wondered which supplement is natural, has no side effects and can be obtained cheaply for horses? This is it. Jiaogulan powder for horses. Horses should be amazing noble animals. If you want yours to become one, you give it Jiaogulan for energy, fighting diseases and a healthy bloom of the coat.

They have a unique digestive system and rely on a very specific diet; grass, hay, grain, concrete mixes and, for some, occasional treats likes apples and hamburgers. Careful though, horses are herbivores. A horse long digestive track needs a lot of fiber to keep the content moving. Giving a mix up of Jiaogulan powder and high fiber food to your horse helps regulate the digestive track environment – by boosting microbes. Different kinds of microbes are responsible for digesting various kinds of content, for instance:

• cellulolytic bacteria: digest fiber

• proteolytic: break down protein

Jiaogulan powder is accepted by almost all animals, including horses. It is very effective for improving capacity for muscular work. It does so through boosting their appetite and growth rate. It is very good for helping horses to recover after intense training.

Taking care of a horse is easy, over all, with Jiaogulan powder. This power is very safe, it is natural and it can be easily administered pretty easily. It is a great addition to treatment following disorders of the respiratory and digestive systems, also viral and bacterial infections. Jiaogulan powder calms down the symptoms of common horse diseases, such as dermatitis, anemia, enteritis and parasitism.

All you need to know about jiaogulan mentation

images (1)Jiaogulan is a herbaceous herb initially found in southern China but today spread all over Asia either cultivated as a wild plant. The leaves of jiaogulan herb can be consumed directly or used to make herbal tea. Over the years, jiaogulan has gained popularity due to its immortal properties. Jiaogulan tea has been used and proved effect in addressing much health related conditions. The herb shall improve the general body health, increasing the lifespan of an individual and often referred as the immortality herb in China.

What does Jiaogulan do?

  • Improves the body immune system.

According to research, jiaogulan has been found to boost the body immune system. Jiaogulan use among chemotherapy patients has shown positive and lasting effects. The formulas support the compromised immune system, allowing for a quicker recovery. In addition, the supplement has been found to boost the body immune system during flu and cold seasons. According to studies, individuals who consistently use the supplement are less susceptible to disease attack.

  • Increases energy levels.

We require energy to carry out the everyday activities satisfactory without getting exhausted or fatigue. Consuming jiaogulan tea every morning shall give the needed energy to push through our daily activities. The supplement is commonly used by athletes to boost their energy during workouts. The pre workout supplements shall improve your strength and stamina, allowing you to push through the entire training without getting exhausted.

  • Mood booster.

Taking jiaogulan tea has been found to boost the mood, resulting in happiness. Using the supplement sparingly shall help boost you daily mood and avoid unusual mood swings. According to studies, the supplements achieves this by triggering the production of serotonin (the happy hormone) in the brain. Increased concentration of serotonin hormone shall keep your moods balanced, and calm your nerves. Typically, a majority of people consume jiaogulan tea to calm down nerves throughout the day and boost mood.

  • Weight management.

Jiaogulan tea has been found to be effect in helping individual loss weight. The formula reduces the body cholesterol levels, a key factor in weight loss. According to research carried out in Korea, the formula is a powerful activator of AMPK enzyme. The AMPK enzyme plays an important role in regulating the human metabolism. Typically, consuming jiaogulan tea shall increase the body metabolism, allowing the stored to be oxidized to provide energy in the body. However, to realize weight loss, you ought to check your diet, eating habits and include simple exercise.

  • Anti-aging.

Jiaogulan tea has powerful antioxidant properties, crucial in preventing aging. Aging results when the normal working of the body processes is affected by damaged body cells. Antioxidants are substances that work to prevent oxidative processes. Oxidative reactions produce free radicals that start chain reactions damaging cells. Antioxidants terminate chain reactions by eliminating free radicle intermediates, & inhibiting other oxidative reactions. Therefore, using jiaogulan tea shall prevent aging and help maintain the young, healthy body you always wanted.

  • Increased bones and body strength.

Is your body aching or the joints feeling tired after doing simple chores? Jiaogulan shall help strengthen your bones and entire body allowing you to undertake even strenuous tasks without fatigue. Thou, it’s not clear how the supplement boosts the body strength, it thought that its abilities in increasing body energy are correlated to improved body strength. However, more research is still being carried out on this amazing supplement to deduce it’s working.

  • What do reviews say about Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan has been found effective in addressing much healthy related conditions. Users have pointed out the supplement works to boosts the body immune system, making the body less susceptible to disease attack. In addition, supplement use has been linked to improved mood and brain functionality. Typically, the supplement encompasses all aspects of the human body crucial in maintaining a healthy and nourished body.

Jiaogulan tea is ideal for most people uses since its all natural. According to reviews, the formula has been found working in most individual, and no negative effect has been associated with product use. Jiaogulan is an excellent pre-workout supplement that is used to boost the body energy, allowing for increased strength and stamina during workouts. Jiaogulan mentation effects are many and visible among users. Use jiaogulan supplement today to boost your mood as well as for the overall well-being of your body.


Jiaogulan immortality – The Powerful Herb

Good-friends-drink-tea-in-morningJiaogulan is a plant that grows in China. The leaf is utilized to make medication. Jiaogulan is occasionally called “Southern Ginseng” because it grows in south central China and is used in similar manners as ginseng.

Jiaogulan is used for improving heart function, and high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Additionally it is utilized for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), enhancing memory, and preventing baldness.

Other uses included poor appetite treatment, chronic bronchitis, cough, pain and swelling (inflammation), continuing belly pain (chronic gastritis), ulcers, constipation, gallstones, anxiety, obesity, cancer, trouble sleeping (insomnia), diabetes, backache, and also pain.

Many people use jiaogulan as an anti-aging agent, antioxidant, and detoxifying agent.

  • Drugs that reduce the immune system (Immunosuppressants) socializes with JIAOGULAN

The immune system improves. Jiaogulan might reduce the potency of drugs that reduce the immune system by raising the immune system.

  • Drugs that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) socializes with JIAOGULAN

Blood clotting might impede. Taking jiaogulan along with drugs that additionally slow clotting might increase the probability of bleeding and bruising.

Jiaogulan falls in the category of vines. Actually, it’s a climbing vine normally seen in Japan, Korea and China. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family of plants. Thus, it’s associated with pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber, and other gourds and melons. Based on research and studies, there are many health benefits of drinking Jiaogulan tea. Most health care specialists urge Jiaogulan tea for weight reduction.

Studies report there are not any drug interactions or toxicity. But when you exceed the recommended dosage, you can experience mild nausea. Along with that, Jiaogulan tea should not be consumed by you during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In this place, we’ve discussed the essential advantages of drinking Jiaogulan tea.

Why Should You Use Jiaogulan Tea for Weight Reduction?

This weight loss supplement is safe and totally natural. When you begin using this nutritional supplement and purchase Jiaogulan tea, you may experience positive effects immediately. This weight loss supplement efficiently improves your body’s metabolic rate. Therefore, your body begins burning off fat considerably quicker. Your body will really burn off more fat than it shops when you are in possession of a wholesome metabolism. This will allow you to slim down fast.

Jiaogulan tea may also allow you to keep healthy blood cholesterol levels. Consequently, it can help you alleviate anxiety and hypertension and reduces your blood pressure. From using up more calories, this prevents mental eaters. This weight loss supplement also economically handles the discharge of thyroid amounts in the body. Unhealthy thyroid release within your body can quickly cause obesity, particularly in girls.

In exactly the same manner, Jiaogulan tea also helps in keeping your blood sugar level. Naturally, deposit of excessive blood sugar within your body makes you gain lots of weight. This supplement enhances the state of your digestive system and also functions as an antioxidant.

In addition, it includes many vital minerals and nutrients including Vitamin D, Vitamin B, copper, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, niacin and a lot more. Every ingredient in this supplement is totally natural. When you begin using it and purchase Jiaogulan tea for weight reduction, you’ll find an important improvement in your total health within several weeks.

*Shield your vital organs (from free radicals and toxins), balance hormone levels (surpluses or deficits), normalize cortisol levels, (tension discharges the cortisol hormone and through time can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, suppression of immune function, premature aging, susceptibility to cancer, memory loss, depression, anxiety, increased blood pressure as well as the list goes on) fight long-term exhaustion, boost your antioxidant protection, boost your stamina, get a better sleep, feel more attentive plus many, many many more advantages.

It is essential to make use of the correct kind of the herb to get the complete advantages of Jiaogulan. Due to it is bitter flavor, Japan and Thailand have introduced hybrids that have a more agreeable flavor yet Dr. Liu’s research has suggested the plant must be from its’ natural Chinese wild state and the liquid from all its’ parts must be used: leaves, stem and root in a tonic or liquid format.

Jiaogulan immortality, promises to be the most effective herb ever known to man and in keeping with all the Chinese doctrine that herbs are usually not used alone, joining Jiaogulan with specific other high-antioxidant superfood nutrients seems to accentuate the overall effectiveness of even this power station of the Chinese world.

All these are part of our natural defense system that restrains free radical oxidative damage. When free radicals are produced in excessive amounts in response to abnormal rates of anxiety (both external and internal) we must improve our amount of antioxidants too. As we grow old our natural ability to create endogenous antioxidants declines. Free radical oxidative damage leads to dysfunction and cellular disintegration that may damage organs that are special and disturb the balance between various organs. This hasten the aging process and can lead to a wide array of health problems. Jiaogulans skill to cause natural self healing is typified by the way it can cause synthesis of our own endogenous antioxidants.

Jiaogulan herb benefits

the-amazing-benefits-of-green-tea-1024x757Herbal medicine is mostly seen as a primitive mode of health maintenance and control. Advances in medicine have helped many people on a global scale but what many people do not know is that herbal medicine is much better and more repayable. It does not contain any chemical additives that may be dangerous to the human body and though modern medicine has a fast curative effect. It usually has long term effects that are not seen until a long period of time has passed.

One of the best herbal components we have in the market today is Jiaogulan. This herb was discovered by a Japanese researcher, in in 1976, while he was looking for a sugar alternative, studying a perennial weed that was well known for its sweet taste. This herb that he discovered had many quality similarities to ginseng, even though unrelated as a plant. Scientific research went on to work on the herb jiaogulan for many years, calling it the herb that lengthens life in China and is seen as a powerful adaptive remedy and anti-toxin herb that improves health.

Jiaogulan has many benefits and they include the following:

Cholesterol Control

Jiaogulan assists in the regulation of the level of cholesterol controlling hormones in the arteries. This will prevent clogging of the heart valves that causes heart attacks and arrhythmia.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Jiaogulan is effective in the maintenance of blood pressure in the human body. The studies on these capability in Jiaogulan have not yet been confirmed but jiaogulan has shown to improve blood flow to the heart directly and enhancing the release of an oxide of nitrogen that relaxes the blood vessels.

Facilitates Digestion

Jiaogulan is good at assisting in weight loss programs for those who want to cut down the pounds. It achieves this by maintaining a healthy balance in the digestive track and helping those who are underweight in the digestive problems they may be encountering in their track.

Strength, Endurance and Immunity

Based on confirmed studies, jiaogulan improves heart muscle pumping thus increasing strength in the body.
Jiaogulan also demonstrates a strong ability to protect the body when under attack by harmful agents.
This Japanese herbal element is available off the counter in many countries and is an approved form of medication. A small dose of this concoction is enough to prevent many health problems now and also in the coming future.
Live healthier and happier by embracing herbal medicine today…

Amazing Health Connections between Jiaogulan and Horses

download (1)Jiaogulan, a plant native to Southeast Asia, is well-known for its amazing health benefits that it can offer to humans. The medicinal properties of Jiaogulan plant are similar to that of ginseng, but it offers many more health benefits than ginseng. Primarily being used for curing human ailments, there are several uses of this herb that prove the amazing health connections between Jiaogulan and horses.
Understanding the various health benefits that Jiaogulan can offer to horses is a complex issue as it is not a cure-all for every horse. However, there are many ways in which this herb can be beneficial for a horse and have shown promising results when used under appropriate circumstances.

Effects of Jiaogulan on horses

The effects of Jiaogulan on a horse’s health is identical to its effects on a human’s health. Being an adaptogenic herb it can help the horse in dealing with stress. It does this by regulating the cortisol hormone. Also, usage of this herb have shown to increase alertness and enhance energy levels of the horses.
This herb is known contain amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. There are several studies that prove benefits of Jiaogulan in lowering blood pressure, decreasing the level of harmful cholesterol, enhancing metabolism of sugars and fats, and most importantly in improving the endurance and strength of the subjects. When used in horses, this herb is supposed to help mediate the signs of airway disease and also help in the recovery from laminitis.

Health benefits of using Jiaogulan on horses

This herb is most of the times taken in combination with other herbs to make sure that the effects of the ongoing cures are enhanced. However, Jiaogulan can provide many standalone health benefits also. For horses, Jiaogulan has been proven beneficial in curing health problems such as laminitis, respiratory problems, and Cushing’s disease, among other things:
1. Cushing’s disease
Cushing’s disease or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is a disease that is much more recognized among older horses these days. Pergolide is the standard drug being prescribed for curing this disease. However, there are several negative side effects of this drug. By giving Jiaogulan to a horse it is possible to block some of these negative side effects, as this herb helps in increasing the energy levels in the horse.
2. Laminitis
Jiaogulan is surely not a cure-all ills herb in laminitis, especially if the horse is suffering from uncontrolled insulin resistance. In such cases, insulin resistance needs to be brought under control by administering treatment of Cushing’s disease. However, Jiaogulan is helpful in addressing the circulation problem among laminitic horses, which can make those horses more comfortable. Therefore, although this herb doesn’t cure laminitis, it can help the horses by alleviating their pain.
3. Heaves
Heaves is a common respiratory problem that effects many horses. Studies have shown that Jiaogulan acts as a bronchodilator, which means it improves the metabolism of the heart directly and enhances the release of nitric oxide. Therefore, it relaxes the coronary blood vessels and helps in reducing the level of resistance in the airway. This herb is often used in combination with Spirulina, which is another herb well-known for curing Heaves.

Remember these precautions

When giving Jiaogulan to horses, it is important to follow certain precautions. Following precautions will ensure that the horse receives maximum health benefits that Jiaogulan can provide.

1. When using Jiaogulan it is important to avoid usage of flunixine or bute, as they may counteract or block the effects of this herb.
2. Avoid giving any other vasodilating drugs to the horse while using this herb.
3. The effects of Jiaogulan are reduced if any other similar supplements to cure the ailment are given simultaneously. As said before, the effects of Jiaogulan are similar to that of ginseng and many other adaptogenic herbs. Therefore, if any other adaptogenic herb is being given to the horse, then the dosage of the Jiaogulan needs to be readjusted.


Although Jiaogulan is famously known as the “immortality” herb for the long list of rejuvenating properties it can offer to humans, there is plenty of research to prove that Jiaogulan is equally beneficial for horses. If you are thinking of giving Jiaogulan or any other herb to your horse, then it is strongly advised that you should consult a veterinarian regarding these treatment options. This will allow you to gain complete knowledge about all the possible drug effects your horse can experience because of using Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan Adaptogens – Revealing It to be a Powerful Adaptogenic

Discovered exclusively in the anti-stress-for-college-studentsmost remote, craggy mountain region of southern China, Jiaogulan was essentially unknown to anybody outside the immediate region. Local residents who drink a daily tonic of Jiaogulan refer to it as the “immortality herb” as the history reveals individuals in those distant villages where Jiaogulan was growing wild lived to an uncommonly old age.

Dr. Jialiu Liu, M.D. was made by the Chinese government to head up a research section focused on the herb Jiaogulan. To date there are over 300 published studies on the diversified advantages of drinking a tonic made of this incredible herb. Translations are happening yet a lot of the research may be found on pubmed.gov

Dr. Liu, a highly acclaimed research worker, has become known as the Father of Jiaogulan and jointly with his team of researchers have compiled 54 motives (based on their research) to drink a tonic of Jiaogulan (rather wild) each and every day.

A number of the immediate results have demonstrated the Jiaogulan adaptogens with over 100 distinct saponins. Its’ closest rival checks just 28 saponins that are distinct. Saponins, which are the chemical compound that produces adaptogens work, boost the entire body’s opposition to anxiety, injury, regular stress and fatique.* These statements haven’t been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration*

Jiaogulan, together with the scientific name Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, is an associate of the cucumber family. As suggested by its own name, it is a low lying vine or ground cover and grows in feature five leaf bunches. Among the very first reports where the advantages of Jiaogulan were shown was when Japanese scientists started finding the sickness of Jiaogulan -prevention and healing qualities in the late 1970’s. What they found out was that the herb has qualities that are quite similar in certain ways exceptional, yet to ginseng.

They found Jiaogulan to function as both the Jiaogulan adaptogenic herb and as an antioxidant herbal, including many health-giving saponins , along with trace minerals, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. Many studies also said that individuals from Guizo state in China who’ve for ages been drinking Jiaogulan tea have appreciated numerous advantages from it such as boost in power and vigor, combat fatigue and anxiety, treat colds, the flu and infectious diseases, and as a general elixir. Chain of evaluations and modern research support claims about the health benefits of Jiaogulan.

The Jiaogulan tea is currently being sold in various portions of the planet. Its reputation has reached those states far from Asia and sales have been raised since more and more folks find the healthy advantages of Jiaogulan. It is by all means possible that this tea will be considered the most outstanding herbal tea on the planet. There you’ve got it. After reading this post you’re informed about the advantages of its many uses and Jiaogulan. Jiaogulan really is, in my opinion, the most extraordinary herbal tea on the planet.

 Jiaogulan in Chinese Ethno- medicinal drug

Most well-known among the various functions of Jiaogulan is its use in TCM as an herbal medicine, or traditional Chinese Medicine. Jiaogulan immediately became renowned when folks from the Guizhou area were living to be 100. Imagine what they were drinking daily?

Besides being have as a Tea decoction, it’s also accessible capsule form, pill, or alcohol infusions.

Jiaogulan as an Adaptogen Jiaogulan is it’s the capacity to accommodate and modulate our sympathetic nervous system. Determined by the individual or the scenario it can relax or excite, yet there isn’t any caffeine found in Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan has uncommon ability to boost the entire body’s resistance to tension, nervousness, injury and tiredness. It can help deal with issues involving through falling bad cholesterol, or being underweight while enhancing fat metabolism, and raising good cholesterol concentration. Another astonishing skill of Jiaogulan is that it can raise endurance and intensiveness of the body while working with our mental functions. This herb can assist you to be the physically healthy and psychologically man which you’d want to become.

It is still suggested that you have this herb carefully while Jiaogulan is an effective preventative treatment for common ailments. Additionally it is best in the event you check whether your body will really respond negatively or favorably upon ingestion. To get this done, inject or you might want to drink Jiaogulan two times or once weekly before administering it to your body frequently. Should you experience suffering, discontinue ingesting it at the same time. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to eat or drink it often as you like, provided that you exercise caution at all times.

Benefits of Gynostemma Tea Preparation

green-tea-cupGynostemma, popularly known as Jiaogulan in China, is a wild herb that has a number of health benefits. Gynostemma tea preparation is becoming popular among people who want to invigorate and stimulate their body in a natural manner through hot drinks. This natural tea will serve you as a tonic if you are trying to consume less caffeine to recharge and balance your body. The green leaves of this Chinese herb can be used to replace or include in other varieties of hot beverages to make healthy tea. Millions of people in South East Asian region drink this herbal tea due to its natural energy promoting feature to reload Chi unlike other caffeinated products including coffee.

Often Gynostemma is also known as Miracle Grass or Magical grass as it helps in improving the functioning of immune system and reduce the stress generated tensions of overworked people, if taken as a morning drink. According to Indian herbalists Gynostemma is like Indian holy basil, tulsi, as both of them are among the leafy adaptogenic herbs that can be used to prepare tea like health drink easily even by infusing them in hot water instead of decocting them. Moreover, like tulsi, Gynostemma is a bit sweet in taste though its flavour is mildly nutty and bitter like green tea.

Introduction to Gynostemma

Gynostemma, popularly known as Chinese Jiaogulan and scientifically known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is a climbing vine from the family of cucumbers and melons but it does not produce any edible fruit like its siblings. It is a permanent type of plant that grows easily in moderate climates when planted once. Though Gynostemma is abundantly exported from China but you can also grow it easily if you live in mild climatic region to use it fresh or dry to prepare infusion tea whenever you like.

History of Gynostemma

For the first time gynostemma was recognized in 1578 by an herbalist, Li Shi-Zhen, as a useful herb to treat tumorous and traumatic growths.

Later on in 1970’s scientists, Dr. Tsunematsu Takemoto and Dr. Masahiro Nagai, researched and studied on the benefits of Gynostemma as a natural substitute of sugar due to the sweetening components in its leaves. During research they also discovered that like the roots of panax ginseng, Gynostemma leaves contain large numbers of saponins in them. They also revealed the benefits of gynostemma tea in their research papers as according to them it unusually includes large number of different types of saponins apart from four of the ginseng saponins.

Thus gynostemma became popular as magical herb and Southern Ginseng as it can easily replace high priced ginseng at very reasonable cost. Today it is considered as a typical herbal tea in various parts of Asian continent as it helps in promoting long and healthy life by improving the respiratory, immunologic, cardiovascular, neurologic, metabolic and endocrine systems of your body.

Other benefits of preparing Gynostemma tea

Gynostemma as an Adaptogen herb: Gynostemma is one of the few leafy herbs that are used as adaptogens. It is because it contains largest variety of saponins among all the leafy plants with this feature known so far. Saponins, also known as gypenosides, are the main active ingredients that make Gynostemma a popular adaptogenic herb. It helps to promote the equilibrium in the cells and vital organic systems of your body by adapting stress due to its adaptogenic nature. This two way stress adapting feature of this herb also allows it to lift your energy on one hand and calm your central nervous system on the other when you are over excited or overworked, depending upon your level of fatigue. It is also found effective in calming your state of depression along with lifting your spiritual level.

Gynostemma as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb: The antioxidant effect of gypenosides found in Gynostemma tea helps in boosting the number of white blood cells along with increasing your activity level to improve your immune system. Its antioxidant effects also help in protecting the cell membranes of your body from the negative effect of oxidation which can cause consistent inflammation in your body. Gynostemma also helps in stimulating the release of insulin and reducing our fatigue due to its antioxidant properties.

Thus regular drinking of Gynostemma tea preparations can help you in availing a number of health benefits.

Key Benefits of Gynostemma Leaf

jiaogulan-imageGynostemma or Jiaogulan plant is considered one of the most beneficial herbs to treat a wide range of health disorders. This effective plant originates from the mountains of China. The beneficial effects of this exceptional plant are quite powerful. In fact, locals call this plant the Herb of Immortality.

It is worth mentioning that the Jiaogulan plant is considered native to the Guizhou province in China. It is one of the few places where this Chinese herb grows abundantly. A lot of locals consume this herb in the form of delicious tea.

Many locals even credit this plant with longer life spans. These days, you can buy this Chinese herb in the form of tea capsules. This allows you to enjoy the numerous benefits of this herb with ease. Some of the key benefits of this traditional Chinese herb include:

  • Maintain your blood pressure
  • Regulate your cholesterol level
  • Improve your digestion
  • Protect and modulate your immune system
  • Enhance your heart muscle
  • Protect you from free radical damage
  • Regulate your hormone levels

Besides these benefits, Jiaogulan can even inhibit cancer growth. This excellent traditional Chinese herb is considered an effective compound. It provides your body with exactly what it needs.

Benefits of Gynostemma Leaf

For centuries, Gynostemma or Jiaogulan plant has been used in many countries as an effective medicinal food. This herb is rich in nutritional value. As a result, it strengthens your immune system and prevents some common infectious diseases like flu and cold.

Gynostemma herb is also rich in powerful oxidants like anthocyanins, carotene and pterostilbene. It is also a good source of tannic acid and iron. Moreover, it contains many bioactive substances, which help you feel fresh and active throughout the day.

Due to all these properties, Gynostemma is considered to be one of the best “superfoods”. All these substances in this herb make sure it has a positive healing effect on your body and resolves many health problems.

Antioxidants – As mentioned earlier, this herb has a high content of antioxidants. As a result, it acts as a shield against free radicals, bacteria and viruses. This makes it easier for your body to prevent different kinds of diseases. This traditional Chinese herb is also effective during the recovery period after quitting drugs. It also protects your mucosa and stimulates its regeneration.

Respiratory and Other Diseases – Fresh, frozen, dried or preserved Gynostemma leaves are a perfect remedy for all kinds of respiratory diseases. They also treat tonsillitis, colds, flu and bronchitis. They are also helpful in treating inflammatory diseases related to mucous membranes.

Vision and Eyesight – This herb also has the ability to maintain and improve your vision. This has been proven by scientific research. People who consume this herb frequently are not prone to night blindness. It is also effective in improving vision in low light conditions. Therefore, it is best for people who have problems related to vision or eyesight.

Intestinal Problems – For many years, Gynostemma leaves have been used as a herbal remedy for intestinal problems like diarrhea, colic and food poisoning. They act as an antiseptic against all these problems. Both fresh and preserved leaves are effective in treating intestinal problems.

Excretory System – Gynostemma is also good for urinary tract and kidneys. It cleans them and helps prevent or treat any infections. It is a diuretic, which eliminates any harmful pollutants in the body. Thus, it improves the functioning of lymphatic system.

Prostate Cancer – Gynostemma has a healing effect on the prostate. It is also related to prostate cancer prevention. In fact, some studies state that this herb is good for preventing other cancers too.

 Other General Health Benefits 

This herb is also popularly known as the Herb of Immortality. In fact, it has the highest antioxidant value of most foods. Antioxidants also help in preventing some other diseases like hemorrhoids, cataracts, peptic ulcers, glaucoma, cancer and heart disease. Gynostemma supplements are completely safe and don’t have any harmful side effects. You can consume them throughout the year, irrespective of your age or diet plan.

It is worth mentioning that these supplements can be easily purchased on the Internet. A lot of reputed companies manufacture and sell these supplements at affordable prices. In order to avoid buying counterfeit products, you should only purchase supplements from a reputed seller.