Jiaogulan Tea Recipes to Use This Herb in Different Ways

500g-Jiaogulan-font-b-Gynostemma-b-font-Pentaphyllum-Natural-Seven-font-b-Leaves-b-font-LowerJiaogulan is an herbal vine abundantly found in the valleys and mountains of China along with various other Asian countries. It is popularly used in southern parts of China since long for its medicinal values. Jiaogulan leaves can be used in various ways like eating individually or as salad, making tea as well as adding in various food recipes to increase their nutritional value. Some Jiaogulan tea recipes are discussed in this write-up to help you in using it in versatile manner.

Preparing Jiaogulan Herbal Tea

Jiaogulan tea can be prepared in two ways – by infusion and by decoction. In infusion method you pour boiling water on Jiaogulan leaves put in a cup like on tea bags whereas in decoction method the leaves are boiled in water in a pot.

Recipe of infusion Jiaogulan tea: You should boil spring water instead of tap water in this recipe to pour it on Jiaogulan leaves to produce tea with delicate flavour. Though any pure water can be used in this process but they avoid using tap water as chlorine included in it can ruin the delicacy of its flavour. You can use one teaspoon of Jiaogulan leaves to prepare a cup of 250 ml tea by infusing them for 5-10 minutes. Its taste becomes sweeter if you leave the leaves in the cup for longer time unlike other herbal teas which become bitter if left for longer time.

Recipe for decoction Jiaogulan tea: In this method you can use same amount of Jiaogulan leaves per cup for boiling in water in a pot as you use in infusion method. But in this method before boiling these leaves to prepare tea you will have to keep them covered in boiling water for 10-15 seconds and strain out the water to remove dust particles from them. Now you can boil these leaves in water and cover the pot for 5-10 minutes after boiling to extract their flavour. You can drink this tea hot as well as chilled as per your liking.

Recipe for sun Jiaogulan tea: You can also prepare Jiaogulan tea by brewing it with direct sunlight. For this recipe you will have to put Jiaogulan leaves in the ratio of 1 tsp per cup in a glass jar and put it in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours so that sunrays can brew it naturally to prepare a natural and healthy tea for you. You can drink this delicious tea on rocks to get cool in summer season.

Other Jiaogulan tea recipes

Jiaogulan tea leaves can also be used in various other manners. Some more Jiaogulan tea recipes are provided here under to use them in versatile manner.

Recipe to use infused Jiaogulan tea leaves: After enjoying a cup of infusion Jiaogulan tea, instead of throwing away the infused leaves you can include them in your dishes of stir fries, pasta and salads to add bitter/sweet taste to them along with increasing their roughage.

Recipe to use dried Jiaogulan leaves in baking: You can use dried Jiaogulan leaves in baking cakes, muffins, cookies along with ice cream to enhance their flavours and nutritional values. You can simply powder the dried Jiaogulan leaves in your blender to add a teaspoon in your favourite baking recipes including cookies, crapes, pancakes, granola, nut bars along with hot cereals, smoothies, juices and shakes.

Recipe to make Jiaogulan tincture with vodka and organic apple cider vinegar: You can put one part of Jiaogulan leaves and 5 parts of vodka or organic apple cider vinegar in a glass jar with a tight lid to store it in a cool dark place at least for 30 days. During these 30 days you will have to stir the jar once or twice a day to let the leaves expand fully in the vodka or cider vinegar. When small bubbles start appearing on its surface then it indicates the extraction of an active ingredient of these leaves known as saponins. Now squeeze and strain the leaves to extract entire vodka or vinegar from them and throw them away. Your Jiaogulan tincture in vodka or vinegar is ready to take 1-3 tsp daily to enjoy its health benefits for several years, if you store it in cool and dark place.

Thus you can enjoy the benefits of this natural herb easily in a versatile manner by following the Jiaogulan tea recipes provided in this write-up.

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