Mulberry Leaf Side Effects

White-MulberryMulberry leaf is known to boast of numerous health benefits. Just like any other thing that comes with benefits, however, it has its dark sides, that is, it has adverse side effects. Below are some Mulberry Leaf Side Effects:

Low Blood Sugar

Taking an extract of this leaf may lower your blood sugar. Low blood sugar may lead to blurred vision, excess sweating, hunger, headache, tremors, dizziness, and confusion. Should you experience such side effects while consuming an extract of mulberry leaf, seek medical attention.

Allergic Reactions

An extract from this leaf is an irritant. If you take or drink it and develop a rapid pulse, hives, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, or other immediate symptoms, discontinue the use and contact a medical doctor immediately.

Kidney Effects

It contains very high levels of potassium that is difficult for individuals suffering from various kidney diseases to process. By that, if you suffer from a kidney disease, you may need to consider not using it.


Now, no research has linked mulberry leaf extract or snap with effects during pregnancy or other related conditions. However, it is advised to avoid it if one is pregnant, lactating or are to undergo surgery within the next two or three weeks.

Medication Interactions

People under medication to curb diabetes are advised to avoid taking it unless instructed otherwise. The medication and the mulberry may interact to up the danger of low blood sugar, better known as hypoglycemia. More so, people with diabetes need to monitor keenly blood sugar levels when taking mulberry leaf extract.

Blood Sugar Effects

Studies have shown that it helps in suppressing after-meal blood sugar levels as well as insulin secretion, which could prove significant for preventing and treating diabetes. Because of such potential effects on blood glucose as well as insulin levels, however, if one is on insulin for diabetes and use an extract from the leaf, he or she should find it necessary to adjust insulin dose accordingly.

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