Five Navigation Beginning steps-initial To Receive Visitors To Act

Ever wonder why Google is the preferred search tool on the internet? Could it be because Google is easy? One input box; one search button… just type in a keyword or two, and move.

A large number of coaching websites, particularly people that have more than 20 pages, are difficult to use and inadequately organized. That they lose site visitors simply because they are hard to navigate.

And it is a disgrace if people leave your internet site without currently taking action. The prospect list won’t develop as quickly, and you’ll lose out on sales and client- purchase opportunities.

The ideal nav makes it easy and fast intended for prospective clients to hop around your website and perform responsibilities. And when really easy, people do things – like buy products, sign up for teleclasses, and call you to explore working with you. The bottom line? Your company grows.

To smooth out the navigation that help visitors find the information they need, purchase the products and services and grow and succeed, here are 5 navigational pointers to get you started:

1 . organize your site out of your visitor’s perspective.

Your website visitors – or perhaps, with wish, prospective clients — see your business from a different perspective than you do. They will aren’t planning to learn about coaching techniques, examination or designs. Instead, they’re looking for answers to issues that pertain to their particular situation – such as, “Why should I always be here? inch; “How is it possible to help me?? and “What can i do subsequent? ”

Thus, you need to organize your content, pages and backlinks in a way that answers these problems and fulfills the unique requirements of your visitor. As a result, your website becomes user-friendly and easy to use.

installment payments on your Have a regular primary routing.

As a book incorporates a table of contents, just about every website should have “primary navigation” – the central, most obvious set of backlinks that regulates the website. This is usually found throughout the top or down the left of the webpage.

To ensure your primary map-reading is absolutely consistent, keep it in the same position on each webpage, and be sure to use the same labels.

Consistency gives prospects the confidence to click about your website, fully understand if they will get lost they will quickly and easily reorient themselves.

3. Decrease the number of links (effort) to look for things.

It may sound noticeable, but the faster and less difficult it is to locate content and links with your website, the much, very much, much better it truly is for you.

This does not mean you must link your house page to each single page. That would associated with home page hard to look at. Instead, you should understand the top facts that most of your visitors are searching for and help to make finding those things very easy.

For example , suppose you certainly are a new mentor and you perform most of your promotion by simply networking. And, as part of your client-securing strategies, you recommend article content to prospective buyers and invite them to down load them from the website. Consequently, when it comes to connecting, you should put “Articles” in the primary course-plotting (mentioned above) and put links to the major one or two recommended articles — right on the property page.

It’s also vital to avoid over-organizing your content. As an example, if you’ve crafted 8 article content, you don’t need 3 different types in which to organize them. Easily create a single page titled “Articles” and list all of them there.

Furthermore, keep in mind that mainly because the number of clicks to find factors on your internet site increases, the longer it takes just for pages to load — and the more probabilities there are with respect to errors to occur. And the even more errors that occur, a lot more chances you will find for people to get caught up. That’s NOT what you wish; not with a long shot.

4. Hold visitors 1 step forward.

Every single page acts a purpose – whether it’s to see the visitor or have them fill in a form. When a potential customer is thus finished with each page, make sure you lead all of them on to the next logical you. Using text like: “Your next step” and cues such as arrows are very useful.

For instance , if a visitor has just completed signing up for the newsletter, make sure to send them to a recent article. After they reading an article, request them to have a look at your links page just for other useful websites.

Your website is an educational tool, and it is job is always to provide guests with content material and assets to help them.

5. Consider your website – and business-related objectives.

Yes, it’s critical to organize your internet site from a visitor’s point of view and make it possible for them to understand. But several charging vital to ensure the steps taken when using your webblog lead visitors toward your company objectives.

Some examples contain:

> Getting a condition on your email list

> Applying for a teleclass

> Filling out an assessment

Therefore, be sure to keep the business objectives in mind within the overall site organization. Support prospective clients get what they want whilst getting what YOU want — a win/win.

Here’s a hint that could be worth thousands of dollars – seriously.

To insure your internet site is flow easily to use, try this: Sit down having a friend, ideally someone inside your target audience, watching him or her use your website. If you find yourself having to discuss things, your internet site is probably not as easy to use as it must be.

During the period of a year, the worth you comes from watching a single person use your web site can make a enormous difference in your email sign-up rates, first sessions and product sales. That can easily end up thousands of dollars in company.

Quite simply, remember that on the internet, ease of use is essential when it comes to websites.

As being a coach planning to convince qualified prospects that you can make them, it’s the duty as a good leader. You desire that note to glow through on your own website. Produce it simple to use and action-oriented, and you’ll end up meeting – and even exceeding – the expectations.

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Jiaogulan tea – health advantages

The following are health advantages of jiaogulan tea: 

1) Diabetes dt_150312_diabetes_800x600

A few studies demonstrate that jiaogulan tea may control diabetes. In a clinical trial distributed in Hormone and Metabolic Research in 2012, for example, analysts allotted 24 diabetes patients to 12 weeks of treatment with either jiaogulan tea or a fake treatment tea. Comes about uncovered that those given jiaogulan encountered a more noteworthy change in glucose levels and insulin affect ability by the study’s end.

Past research on jiaogulan and diabetes incorporates a creature based study distributed in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2006, which tried the herb’s consequences for diabetic rats and found that it decreased glucose levels and lower LDL (“awful”) cholesterol.

Furthermore, a recent report on mice (distributed in the Journal of Medicinal Food) verified that jiaogulan tea may control glucose by adjusting action in certain liver proteins.

2) Obesity health-obesity

Jiaogulan tea may have big weight loss impacts, as indicated by a study distributed in the diary Obesity in 2013. For the study, 80 fat individuals were given either jiaogulan or a fake treatment for 12 weeks.

At the study’s end, individuals from the jiaogulan bunch demonstrated an altogether more noteworthy reduction in weight, stomach fat, muscle to fat ratio ratios mass, and body mass record (looked at those given the fake treatment).

3) Stress 6360074091784763012020166301_sfp-stress-kids-theyre-picking-up-what-were-pu-001

A creature based study distributed in the diary Molecules in 2013 shows that jiaogulan tea may ensure against stress-related nervousness issue. In tests on mice, the study’s creators watched that jiaogulan inhibited stretch prompted tension, conceivably by affecting action in certain cerebrum cells required in controlling disposition.

4) Asthma 

Jiaogulan tea may battle asthma, proposes a creature based study distributed in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine in 2008. The study’s creators took a gander at jiaogulan’s impacts on mice, finding that the herb decreased the aviation route irritation connected with asthma.

Because of jiaogulan’s conceivable impacts on blood thickening, it’s additionally pivotal to maintain a strategic distance from utilization of this herb preceding experiencing surgery.

Since jiaogulan tea may bring down insulin levels, people with diabetes ought to utilize alert when taking this herb.

Remember that supplements haven’t been tried for security and dietary supplements are to a great extent unregulated. Now and again, the item may convey dosages that vary from the predetermined sum for every herb. In different cases, the item might be debased with different substances, for example, metals. While buyers face such dangers when buying any dietary supplement, these dangers might be of more noteworthy extent in the buy of items containing an assortment of herbs in differing measurements.

Mulberry Leaf Extract for Skin Lightening

1418549035_woman-drinking-green-tea  The mulberry tree that has its origins in China has strong medicinal value for users. Even though it has its origins in China, it is now popularly cultivated in Australia, Japan, and Europe. It has additionally gained popularity in the Western countries due to its numerous benefits. This is the main reason why more and more people are seeking mulberry leaf extract product such as mulberry tea. This article takes a look into this wonder plant and its benefits for the skin. Quite a good number of skin specialists recommend Mulberry leaf extract for skin lightening for many reasons. Continue reading to discover more.

Over the past couple of years, the production of skin lightening creams and products has been inevitable due to the increased demand for skin lightening. Steroids and mercury have been used to formulate various skin lightening products. However, these chemicals have toxic effects when used on the skin as lighteners. White patches, hyper pigmentation, thinning of skin, and uneven patchy skin color are just some of the negative effects produced by such chemicals. Consequently they are not recommended for use. In fact, they have been banned in most countries all over the world. Mulberry extract on the other hand produces the desired effects in a natural way without causing any serious side effects. Today, skin lighteners formulated using natural plant extracts like mulberry are an ideal choice especially when used on long-term basis since it does not cause any of the aforementioned side effects.

Mulberry extracts are known to help skin. Furthermore, the extract is popularly used since it is known to slow down the ageing process. It contains rich anti-oxidant properties thus making it extremely beneficial for preventing wrinkles formation while slowing down the ageing process. As a result, someone who uses mulberry extract will have flawless, silky smooth skin for many years to come.

Cosmetologists also promote the extract and recommend it for effective skin lightening. Furthermore, it is popularly used in the beauty industry for removing spots and blemishes. When used as a skin lightener, mulberry extract resolves all issues related to uneven skin tone thereby allowing a user to have a pleasant skin tone after use.

The roots and the barks contain excellent healing properties and this is one of the main reason why they are used for producing mulberry extract popularly used as a skin lightener. The extract can additionally be used for removing residual rough skin as well as impurities that may be present on the skin. The extract is also recommended by cosmetology experts because it lowers melanin production that occurs as a result of UV exposure. This produces a lightening effect on your skin. Arbutin is the compound that is attributed to the lightening effect. It inhibits release of melanin by suppressing tyrosinase enzyme.

Mulberry extract is widely used by many people all over the globe for purposes of skin lightening. There is lots of evidence collected over the years that proves the anti tyrosinase activity of mulberry plants produces the desirable effects as far as skin lightening is concerned. Therefore, you too can start enjoying the benefits of this wonder plant today.

Mulberry berries benefits

Mulberries-Health-Benefits-Superfood-for-diabetesPopular for its various benefits, the key to the many capabilities of the Mulberry lies with its rich content of flavonoid phytonutrients; obtained from the silkworm tree, there are more than one hundred species of Mulberries in existence, manifesting in a variety of forms and colors.

Among them, three species stand apart, recognized for their economic importance, this including the White Mulberry, Red Mulberry and Black Mulberry.

Mulberry berries benefits:

Delicious and fleshy, Mulberries play host to a diverse collection of nutrients, from iron to potassium, calcium and Vitamin K to mention, but a few along with an offering of fibre and numerous other organic compounds (Lutein, Zea-Xanthin, anthocyanins etc.), Mulberries enjoy a reputation as highly nutritional items, bringing a number of health benefits to the table, such as the following:

+ Digestion

Mulberries contain fiber that will bring about an improvement in the digestion process, expediting the movement of food through the digestive tract, bulking up stool, preventing bloating as well as contending against constipation to mention but a few.

+ Circulation

The considerable levels of iron in Mulberries will have a significant impact upon the body’s ability to produce red blood cells; this in turn should bring about an increase in the distribution of oxygen to tissue and organs. The result is a noticeable boost in metabolism as well the optimization of the body’s operations.

– The Heart

Very notable among the many nutrients found in Mulberry is Resveratrol; a flavonoid antioxidant, Resveratrol has a direct impact upon the functions of the blood vessels, not only reducing the risk of damage from angiotensin (which can incite blood vessel constriction) but bringing about an increase in nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide, as a vasodilator, relaxes the blood vessels. As such, an increase in nitric oxide production will, in effect, reduce the risk of blood clot formation and any heart related issues that might follow.

+ Cancer

Few organic remedies to cancer can hope to match the nutritional muscle that Mulberries bring to the table; boasting a high content of Vitamin A, anthocyanins, Vitamin C and various phytonutrient and polyphenolic compounds, Mulberries provide a powerful defense against free radicals. Free radicals have a tendency to damage healthy cells, causing mutations, which eventually lead to cancer. Mulberries are a hub of anti-oxidants and stand ready to avail a powerful defense against cancer.

From boosting the immune system to improving visual health, building bone tissue and preventing premature aging, the number of Mulberry berries benefits is as diverse as it is large, the appropriate use of Mulberries promising to result in a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Weight Loss Tea: Types and Benefits

imagesThere is nothing as soothing as a steamed cup of tea for a cold season. While people take tea for a number of reasons, there is, need to dig further on the importance of a steamed cup of your favorite tea. As you well know, a great number of people enjoy a cup of tea almost every morning before work. Surprisingly, that cup of tea can do you more than just warming up your day. In fact, you are going to learn about five different types of teas that can aid in your quest of losing weight. Here is a well-researched list of five best weight loss tea that you may consider:

1. Green Tea
Green tea is perhaps the best choice of tea that can help in cutting weight. Lipton and Yogi are good examples of green tea that many dietitians recommend for those that want to lose weight. A study that was carried recently indicated that people, who took at least 4 cups of any green tea, lost approximately two pounds of their weight. However, they also experienced a sweating session that lasted for about 25 minutes. This is made possible by catechins, compounds that are present in green tea. Green tea acts as a metabolism booster.

2. Rooibos Tea
If you know Celestial Seasonings or Harney and Sons, this is the type of tea we are talking about. Rooibos tea is a product of red bush leaves. Red bush is plant that is rarely found. Currently, it is grown on a small parcel of land near Cape Town South Africa. Rooibos tea contains a special flavonoid referred to as Aspalathin, which is responsible for regulating fat-storing hormones in ones body. There are also reports indicating that Aspalathin reduces stress hormones that have the potential to trigger fat storage and hunger. In turn, there is a likelihood of reducing chances of a cardiovascular disease.

3. White Tea
According to a study conducted and published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal shows that white tea has the potential to boost lipolysis, which is the breaking down of body fats. The study also indicates that white tea can block the body’s ability to form fat cells, a process called adipogenesis. To that effect, white tea is best since it averts the formation of fat cells. Examples of white tea include:

• Republic Of Tea
• Twinings
• Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime

4. Mint Tea
Mint tea is a weight loss tea since it wards away the munchies. In order to cut weight fast, the best remedy is by you sniffing from a steaming hot peppermint tea poured in a cup. Apart from warding off your munchies, mint tea suppresses your appetite. It will also work to your advantage if you consider having peppermint oil drops on your pillow in order to offer you a slimming smell all night long. Tazo and Teavana tea are examples of mint tea that you may consider.

5. Oolong Tea
Bigelow and Stash tea are renowned types of Oolong tea that will go a long way in your quest of losing weight. Black dragon that is light and floral in appearance is what the Chinese refer to as Oolong. Like green tea, Oolong tea also contains catechins that aid in an individual’s body ability of metabolizing fats that are responsible for adding weight.
Yes, with the breakdown of five teas, the quest of cutting weight lies on your palms.

Looking for a Control Blood Pressure Tea? Get the Details Inside

img_3101Numerous folks have been tirelessly looking for the right answer to the query: can tea lower blood pressure? If you are also searching for characteristic answers for help in lowering hypertension, teas can help in this. Studies have been conducted to support this. So, what are the control blood pressure tea varieties available in the market today? We are going to discuss the solution to this question in the next few seconds.

Green Tea and Oolong Tea

If you like green tea or oolong tea, here is some uplifting news for you. A study distributed in the July 26, 2004, issue of “Chronicles of Internal Medicine” demonstrated that drinking a large portion of a glass or a greater amount of green tea or oolong tea consistently for a year or more can bring down the danger of hypertension by 46 percent. Stunningly better, drinking more than two measures of either refreshment day by day cuts the danger by 65 percent.

This study inspected the impacts of tea drinking for a relatively long time in 1,507 inhabitants of Taiwan who drink for the most part green tea or oolong tea. The analysts were mindful so as to record for the kind and sums expended, together with variables like smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, salt and vegetables consumption. This study gives strong evidence that green tea or oolong tea can go a long way in lowering your blood pressure incidences.

Herbal Tisanes

Medicinal diuretics are frequently endorsed as a component of a therapeutic administration to control hypertension. They work by diminishing the measure of liquid in the body, consequently reducing the high pressure in your blood vessels.

Numerous herbs are diuretics in nature, enabling the kidneys to discharge abundance fluid from the body. There are various diuretic tisanes accessible that are either single diuretic herbs or mixes of herbs, which contain normal diuretics. Likewise, some varieties of black, green, and oolong tea contain herbs that are diuretic. Will tea therefore tame your blood pressure? Numerous herbal teas surely will.


Medicinal vasodilators are likewise highly recommended for controlling hypertension. These medications work by increasing the volume of blood vessels, thereby permitting blood to stream more openly throughout the body.

Capsaicin is one such vasodilator, which can be found in various herbs and spices, especially in fiery peppers. Some of those herbs and spices can be found in tea-like drinks available in the market, or they can be added to your favorite cup of tea.

How do you drink your Tea?

There is additionally an enthusiastic or behavioral part to hypertension. The way your body strains when you are under pressure from the society leads to increased blood pressure. Strained muscle constricts the blood vessels resulting to hypertension.

Conversely, if you drink a cup of any of the above teas, you will feel relaxed and your blood pressure will ultimately decrease.

Still Want More?

Record you current blood pressure. Then sip any of the above-mentioned varieties of tea in a relaxed manner. After drinking the tea, record your new value of blood pressure again and compare the results. Is there any difference between the two vales? Sure, there must be!

Jiaogulan and Endurance – Various Health Benefits of the Herb

It’s worth mentioning that Jiaogulan is a very popular herb used for its medicinal properties. It belongs to the category of vines. It’s a climbing vine commonly found in many Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. There have been numerous studies and research on the subject of Jiaogulan and endurance. These studies report that Jiaogulan offers numerous health benefits. A lot of healthcare experts also recommend this effective herb for many different health problems. 

According to different studies, this herb does not interact with any drugs. Moreover, it’s not even toxic. However, you should still consider the importance of taking correct dosage. Otherwise, there may be some mild side effects, such as nausea. In addition to this, this herb supplement should not be consumed during breastfeeding and pregnancy. In this post, we have explained all the key health benefits of Jiaogulan. 

Weight Loss

When you consider the supplement form Jiaogulan, it’s important to understand that most companies manufacture natural and safe supplements. When you use a high quality supplement, you experience positive results within a short period of time. This allows your body to burn a lot of fat rapidly. When you have a good metabolic rate, your body is able to burn more toxins and fat than it stores. Due to this, you’re able to lose weight within a short period of time without experiencing side effects. 

Jiaogulan tea can help you maintain good cholesterol levels. Therefore, it reduces blood pressure, and helps you relieve stress and hypertension. This helps emotional eaters. With such results, you don’t consume a lot of calories when you’re upset. In addition to this, Jiaogulan supplements also manage the release and production of thyroid in your body. Unhealthy levels of this hormone can lead to obesity and cause numerous health problems.

Adaptogenic Benefits

Besides weight loss, there are many people who use these supplements to enjoy other health benefits. In fact, Jiaogulan and endurance has been a popular concept in Chinese medicine for centuries. In Southeast Asian countries, this herb is called Southern Ginseng and the Herb of Immortality. This herb is an excellent choice when you’re looking to improve your stamina, endurance and overall health. 

According to a lot of medical professionals, these popular names originate from China’s Guizhou province. In this region, people are believed to have an unusually long lifespan. People in South China consider that Jiaogulan to be an excellent Qi restorative supplement. In recent years, the herb has also been quite popular in Western countries. 

According to reputed and experienced herbalists, this supplement is classified as an excellent and effective adaptogen. This particular term is used to describe and explain a herb that helps relieve effects of stress. As per research, Jiaogulan even promotes homeostasis. Since it’s an adaptogen herb, it can help your body achieve a good state of balance. It also regulates many internal processes of your body. 

In addition to this, you need to understand that adaptogen herbs address a lot of deficiency and excessive output problems in your body. Due to this, they have a beneficial and positive impact on your endocrine and immune system. 

Antioxidant Properties

Jiaogulan supplements contain many different chemical compounds, which work effectively in the form of basic gypenosides. According to many reputed and experienced healthcare experts, gypenosides can improve the overall functioning of phagocytes. Jiaogulan boosts the production of specialized white blood cells in your body. These can properly digest cellular waste products, pathogens and toxins. These chemical compounds also work effectively for your blood vessels. 

Many researchers and healthcare experts in Tangdu Hospital, China have been working hard to analyze various health benefits of Jiaogulan. As per the results from these studies, Jiaogulan offers a lot of protection from oxidative stress induced upon your brain. Therefore, it safeguards and protects you against many health problems, such as Parkinson’s disease. A few years ago, a detailed study reported that high quality Jiaogulan supplements can provide a person with more endurance, stamina and strength. 

However, you need to understand that most of these studies are still in their preliminary stages. Due to this, more research is still required to understand the benefits and scope of this herb. It’s worth mentioning that most healthcare experts already believe that studies would lead to positive results. 

Jiaogulan capsules and athletes

Jiaogulan-capsulesJiaogulan also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herbaceous vine commonly found in China and other parts of Asia. Scientific studies that have been conducted on this herbal plant have found out that it has many health benefits to the human body. Jiaogulan has traditionally been used by Chinese people to treat diabetes and heart related problems. However, this natural herb came into the limelight in early 70s when Chinese government conducted scientific research to know the health benefits of the plant. This was after they discovered that people who traditionally used this herb were more resistance to diseases and lived longer than those who did not. Since then jiaogulan has attracted the attention of many scientist because of many health benefits associated with it. Recent research has found out that jiaogulan capsule has many health benefits to athletes and in this article; we are going to discuss the benefits of jiaogulan capsules and athletes.

  1. It helps to lower bad cholesterol

Various scientific studies that have been conducted have confirmed that indeed jiaogulan has the ability to assist is the regulation of triglycerides and bad cholesterol. This is very important for an athlete because it is impossible for an athlete to complete if he is not physically fit. Jiaogulan helps athletes to get rid of bad cholesterols thus helping them to be physically fit.

  1. It Prevent blood pressure.

Blood pressure can easily cut short the career of an athlete. Jiaogulan has proven to be effective in helping athletes to maintain healthy blood pressure that can enable them to compete. Although the mechanism that jiaogulan uses to help maintain healthy blood pressure is still being searched, clinical studies that have been conducted have shown that jiaogulan helps to regulate the metabolism of the heart directly thus enabling the coronary blood vessels to relax a factor that helps to main health blood pressure.

  1. It aids in digestion.

Jiaogulan is not only plays a crucial role in ensuring that athletes have healthy blood sugar levels, it also helps to strengthen the digestive system to ensure that the athletes have healthy weight. It also helps to assist those athletes who are underweight by aiding in absorption of necessary nutrients that help their body to gain the recommended amount of weight.

  1. It gives strength and endurance.

One property that has made this natural herb to be popular among athletes is because of its natural ability to give strength and endurance. We all know that every athlete need to have strength so that he can be able to perform at level best. Various clinical studies that have been conducted on jiaogulan capsules have found out that it has the ability to increase strength and endurance to the human body. It has therefore become the perfect herb for athletes who want to improve their competitive edge.

  1. It strengthen the immune system.

Jiaogulan has proved to have the ability to support the immune even when it is under attack by various destructive agents. This natural herb has also proved to be effective when used as an immunomodulator. Strong immune system is very important to an athlete. The stronger the immune system the stronger the body natural ability to fight destructive element.

6 Key Sun Dried White Mulberry Benefits- In Detail

112474429_907Sun dried white Mulberries are an ancient Turkish Super fruit grown on the ancient fertile plains of Turkey. Treasured for its unique flavor and texture, and for its antioxidant content, sun dried white mulberry comes with so many benefits. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the sun dried white mulberry benefits.

  1. Anti-aging effect

Studies show that consumption of sun-dried white mulberries has a positive anti-aging effect. It prevents the rapid cell degeneration in the body. It contains high amounts of anthocyanins a compound that has been scientifically proven to have potential health effects against aging. In addition, it also contains resveratrol, the anti-aging nutrient common in red wine.

  1. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

Sun dried white mulberries contain half the sugar found in most sun dried fruits and raisins hence they can be used to control blood sugar levels. As a matter of fact, some clinical studies show that mulberry leaf contains certain compounds that can help to stabilize blood sugar. It works by slowing down the breakdown of sugars in the intestine so that carbohydrates and sugar are absorbed slowly by slowly into the blood stream. This thereby enables the body to lower the blood sugar levels and eventually stabilize.

  1. Strong antioxidant

This super fruit is a unique source of the antioxidant, a chemical compound usually found in red wine. The antioxidant helps the body to fight free radicals and defend itself from diseases. More so, the anthocyanins in the fruit are very powerful antioxidants and may provide stress reduction, cardiovascular protection and immune enhancement as potential health benefits.

  1. Excellent source of nutrients

Sun dried white mulberry is an excellent source of essential nutrients such as vitamin C (which act as powerful antioxidants), protein (containing just 4 grams in 1/3 cup), calcium and iron. Vitamin C naturally boosts your immunity and prevents cold, flu, and cough and other diseases while the rest of the nutrients help in improving the body immunity in general.

  1. Rich in Fiber with no saturated fats

Containing 20 percent of your daily fiber needs in just 1/3 cup, sun-dried white mulberries are very high in fiber. This high amount of fiber helps in regulating digestion and lowering your cholesterol. In fact, a study conducted in Japan suggests that consuming sun dried leaves of this fruit (that contains a lot of fiber) helps in suppressing the plaque in the arteries thereby reducing cholesterol.

On the other hand, the fact that this product has no saturated fat makes it an ideal option for individuals who are watching their weight.

  1. Act as a powerful anti-inflammatory

Being a good source of resveratrol, which is a found primarily in red wine, the resveratrol acts as a strong anti-inflammatory. Therefore, consuming sun-dried white mulberries can help relieve many cases of chronic inflammation, which is the leading cause of heart disease and cancer. Producing no side effects because it is 100 percent natural, it is a perfect anti-inflammatory drug compared to most synthetic drugs.


These are just a few of the sun-dried white mulberry benefits that we have managed to put together for you because the fruit has endless health benefits.

White Mulberry Matcha Chai Recipe

matchaWhite mulberry, also known as silkworm mulberry, chi sang or Russian mulberry is native to the northern parts of China. For many years, the tree was commonly harvested for its fruits rather than its leaves. This is because white mulberries have a rich taste and can be used to prepare many healthy recipes. However, with time mulberry leaf has also attracted a lot of interest. Many people are now using the leaf to make delicious tea. Apart from being very delicious, white mulberry tea is packed with many nutrients. Here is one of the best white mulberry matcha recipes.

 White Mulberry Matcha Chai Recipe

This chai is made from dried leaves of the white mulberry leaf. Matcha means powdered tea leaves. This powder is common in many parts of the world, such as Japan and Asia, and is used for brewing strong espresso-like tea. Here is a two serving recipe.


  1. Two teaspoons of white mulberry matcha tea powder.
  2.  6 cloves (whole).
  3. 1/3 cup of coconut milk. Unsweetened almond milk is also fine.
  4. 8 black peppercorns.
  5. One cinnamon stick (2 inches)
  6. Two cups of water.
  7. Sea salt to taste.
  8. Allspice to taste.
  9. Two dashes of ground cinnamon.
  10. Nine drops of liquid stevia, vanilla or just plain. You can also use one teaspoon of raw honey.
  11. Two whole cloves
  12. Six cardamom pods (completely).


  1. Take a medium sized-jar or a glass-measuring cup.
  2.  In your jar, place cardamom, peppercorns, cloves and the cinnamon stick.
  3.  Heat the 2 cups of water until it boils.
  4. Pour the boiling water over the content in your jar and leave it for about 5-10 minutes. If you really want to feel the herbs in your chai, leave the mixture for several hours. You can even leave it overnight for that deep flavor.
  5. Pour your milk into a mini blender or just use another measuring cup.
  6. Whisk all the ingredients together.
  7. Add ground cinnamon, allspice, sea salt and matcha powder into the mixture. Blend the mixture until it combines well.
  8. Take your steeped water and add it to the matcha-milk mixture.
  9. Add your raw honey or stevia to the mixture. Blend again until everything is well combined.
  10. Serve and enjoy your delicious chai.

If you would like the chai hot, pour it into a small pot and gently heat to your preferred temperature.

This beverage is very convenient and much healthier than drinking the normal tea. This chai has many health benefits including reducing blood sugar levels. High sugar levels are associated with many health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. White mulberry leaves contain a compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), which helps prevent sugar digestion. As such, most sugar is not absorbed into the blood stream. Instead, it’s eliminated as waste from the body.

Apart from sugar levels, this chai can also help you lose weight. Since the leaf extract prevents the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, it also helps prevent fat formation. This chai is also high in fiber, which makes it an effective natural appetite suppressant, which helps in weight loss.