The Analysis of Dried White Mulberry Nutritional Facts

The dried white mulberries make a unique source of antioxidants, with resveratrol that forms a chemical compound that is high in grapes and red wine. The consumption if dried mulberries offer the support for a good cardiovascular health and a strong immune system, helping in the mutation of normal cells into cancerous cells.

The dried white mulberry nutrition facts are quite many with scientists having discovered the presence of resveratrol, which is a chemical compound that is found on grapes. The resveratrol has ability to act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory making the white mulberries to be a miracle substance.

Dried white mulberry nutrition facts
Mulberries make a good source of raw food proteins, which is a rarity in the fruit kingdom. The mulberry food is quite low in Sodium and equally very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It makes a very good source of dietary fiber, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium. It is an exceptional good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron.

With reference to the USDA National Nutrients Data Base, these are the nutritional compositions of dried mulberries:

9.80g Carbohydrates
1.44g Proteins
0.39g Total Fat
0mg Cholesterol
1.7g Dietary Fiber

6 g Folates
0.62mg Niacin
0.05mg Pyridoxine
0.101mg Riboflavin
25UI Vitamin A
36.4mg Vitamin C
0.87mg Vitamin E
7 g Vitamin K

1Omg Sodium
194mg Potassium

39mg Calcium
60 g Copper
1.85mg Iron
18mg Magnesium
6 g Selenium
0.12mg Zinc

The Nutritional Benefits of White Mulberries

1. Plentiful source of Fiber
A single serving of dried mulberries contains an approximate 20 percentage of the recommended intake of fiber. Since most of the people consume far less the required levels of fiber, making the use and consumption of white mulberries will offer the body with this highly required component. The work of fiber in the body is helping to control blood sugar and reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol.

2. Has more Vitamin C than Oranges
190% of the required daily consumption of vitamin C per serving, the dried mulberries have shown to contain even more of this highly required immunity boosting vitamin. Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system, repairing tissues and protecting the vision.

3. Rich in Protein, Iron, and Calcium
Mulberries contain unusually high levels of protein. Per serving, they contain 4 grams of protein making them a great post workout snack. They also contain a 30% value of iron and 10% of the daily-required value for calcium. The importance of iron in the body is fighting fatigue and making one to be always energized. Calcium is a very good component for strong bones and teeth.

4. A powerhouse for antioxidants
The dried mulberries make a great source of anthocyanins which is a group of antioxidants that is known to possess anti-inflammatory and the possible anti-cancer properties. Mulberries have been used to improve blood circulatory and reduction of heart-related diseases.

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