The Health Benefits beyond the Delicious Dried Mulberry Taste

page1_pic5Mulberries are fruits harvested from the Morus trees that thrive in the temperate climates. Hundreds of silkworm tree species exist as evidenced in the varying colors of mulberries. Mulberries have great tastes whether consumed fresh or in their dried form. A number of recipes integrate mulberries as part of the ingredients. Besides, these berries are known to have numerous health benefits.

Fresh mulberries are juicy while dried ones are tasty with a texture similar to that of dried figs. They are chewy, satisfying and addictive. Dried mulberries have a crunchy feel arising from the seeds within. The dried mulberry taste almost resembles that of raisins. However, it is not for their great taste but for their nutritional value that dried mulberries are popular.

Dried mulberries supplement the body with iron, an important component of hemoglobin. Eating foods rich in iron promotes the amount of oxygen that can be carried around the body. These berries are also rich in minerals like magnesium, manganese and potassium. Magnesium takes part in several body reactions and helps to maintain fluid balance. It is also an important bone component. On the other hand, manganese helps in the metabolic processes of the body and maintaining proper brain functioning. Potassium helps in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates besides acting as an electrolyte.

Dried mulberries contain polyphenol flavonoids called resveratrol that protect the body against stroke. These chemicals reduce the activity of angiotensin thus reducing the susceptibility of blood vessels to damage. Resveratrol is believed to fight neurodegenerative diseases and increase body endurance.

While oxygen is essential in sustaining life, it also leads to the formation of molecules called free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause oxidative stress that can lead to development of illnesses. The body naturally produces antioxidants to counter these free radicals but the amount produced is hardly enough to eliminate the harmful molecules. Taking foods rich in antioxidants helps to create a balance in the body. Mulberries are rich in vitamins A, C and E which act as natural antioxidants. These vitamins also help the body to create resistance against inflammation and infectious agents. Zea-xanthin is a carotenoid present in mulberries that prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from in filtering to the retina.

Dried mulberries contain chemicals called anthocyanins that also have anti oxidising effects. These chemicals also determine the color of the mulberry species. These particular antioxidants are essential during high-energy activities as they prevent destruction of muscle fibers. Anthocyanins are also believed to counteract cognitive decline, risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Dried mulberries have substantial protein content and can be reliable alternatives for vegans. Black mulberries have higher protein contents than all the other species. Dried mulberries are a good source of fiber both in the soluble and insoluble forms.

Dried mulberries are a delicious snack whether enjoyed on their own or used as additions to other foods. They are a natural boost of antioxidants that help to maintain a proper body working condition. Taking dried mulberries regularly has both nutritional and disease preventive benefits. Realize these health benefits by adding dried mulberries to cakes, breads, muffins, and other homespun dishes.

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