The Secret to Immortality: Know Where to Buy Jiaogulan Tea

imagesA climbing vine native to China and other parts of Asia, the jiaogulan is also known as fairy herb, sweet tea vine and southern ginseng. The tea made from its leaves has gained worldwide popularity due to its potent properties and countless benefits towards a person’s health. Jiaogulan has awesome rejuvenating effects on the body and elicits medicinal healing for various conditions. Here are some of the goodness brought about by drinking the immortality herb, so-called because nothing else can bring you closer to longevity, and knowing where to buy jiaogulan tea is the key to achieve these benefits, and a lot more:

Antioxidant Properties
Jiaogulan is made up of chemical compounds recognized as gypenosides. This substance enhances the function of phagocytes, which are specialized white blood cells that perform the task of digesting waste products of the cells and other invading and potentially harmful pathogens. Moreover, gypenosides can offer protection from oxidative stress that can affect the brain, and can help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels
Jiaogulan decreases LDLs or bad cholesterol through improving the ability of the liver to help in the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates in the muscles to energy, rather than turn them into triglycerides which the body then stores as unhealthy fats. On the other hand, it raises good cholesterol or HDLs. It reduces blood fat levels and fat sediments in your blood vessels.

Aid in Weight Management
The immortality herb allows people to be in their best shape as it aids in their venture towards losing weight. Jiaogulan boosts fat metabolism and improves digestion. It also helps those who are underweight, since it promotes the absorption of nutrients and gaining lean muscle mass.

Cancer Protection
Jiaogulan prevents the formation of cancerous cells and the growth of tumors by stimulating immune system cells within the body. Cancer patients who consumed Jiaogulan showed a significant improvement in their white blood cell count as well as raised T and B levels of lymphocytes. It’s also impressively noted that Jiaogulan can help protect against lung, breast, esophagal, prostate, brain, uterus, thymus, kidney, and skin cancer.

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack
The immortality herb also dramatically decreases the chances that a stroke or heart attack can happen by inhibiting blood platelets from clumping or sticking together and so a clot does not form, as well as prevent clogging of arteries.

Helps Relieve Stress
Herbalists classify the wonder herb as an adaptogen. This term is coined for an herb that helps the body handle the effects of stress, which is especially useful in today’s fast-paced, modern lifestyles lived by many individuals. An adaptogen also allows the body to achieve a state of balance through regulating its internal processes and promote optimal functioning

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