Tweets in the Activity: Yikes 12-13

Pregame.Tweet from @LAKings: Marcel Dionne Jersey Control that hat, @dewyy8. #WarmUps from @TheMouthLAKings: one hour until the 9-game street trip officially commences!! Buckle up!!! #LAKings Tweet from @geektrooper: Let’s go @LAKings! Defeat the Sabres! #LAKings #LAKvsBUFTweet from @hockeyoveryou: Get ready,Kings pre sport commences nowGo Kings Go! #LAKings flo though_()_/Tweet from @Crazy4OReilly90: For the Sabres sport and that i can’t a sist but respect the @LAKings Drew Doughtys hair game… #Strong Interval.Tweet from @LAKings: Points That Occurred in 2003. #EndTheStreak from @jehawks: GARY THORNE Contacting NHL HOCKEY Alert @lakings @BuffaloSabresKaptain Kopi. 1-0.Tweet from @LAKings: Kopitar has tied Wayne Gretzky (246) for sixth over the #LAKings all-time goals record using this to start with period purpose. from @kathyn_44: Go Kings go @LAKings from @christinaaa_c: Kaptain Kopistar!! #LAKingsTweet from @reuben81691: Kopi is gonna get credit score on that intention, great force before the online, wonderful start to this sport. #GKG #LAKingsTweet from @LAKings: “Well finished, young chap.” – Gaborik”Jolly good demonstrate!” – Lewis from @indaeo: I have no clue why they are doing it, but my god, the gentlemanly handshakes after the ambitions will be the ideal. #lakingsWe’re pleased with your boo, also.Tweet from @AndriaRazz: My boo @trevorlewis22 has gotten 5 pts in the final 5 game titles! 3 goals in final 5 as well! I’m so pleased with him!! He deserves that line #LAKingsTweet from @RobinR_84: Congrats to @trevorlewis22 on that a hundredth place!!! #LAKings Time period.CARTER. 2-0.Tweet from @LAKings: Just an additional day for the busine s for EL JEFE. from @PHSalt: Could you stop Jeff? No! @LAKingsTweet from @osucharocker: @LAkings Purpose! Jeff Carter! #lakings #gokingsgo Buffalo…it all happened so speedy.Tweet from @GrillAlicia: Um what’s happening? @LAKingsTweet from @AlKikuchi: Noooooo!!! Ugh… #lakings pharm, pharm, pharm, pharm, pharm, pharm. /D2LUF3OLDF2-4. Buffalo…Tweet from @kayaubrianna: Terrible goals are undesirable. #LAKingsTweet from @McDitchell: Properly this activity took a transform #LAKingsTweet from @britlovesmusic: Oh honey, no. No no no. #LAKingsUnfortunately, we don’t imagine that is allowed.Tweet from @WalkerBa8te: Can the #LAKings petition to not perform 2nd periods over the street? Ugh.Tweet from @LAKings: exact, drew. exact. Period.Tweet from @jem_itaots: …and now Kopitar requires a puck into the face. Can this match finish make sure you? #LAKingsCarter x2! 3-4.Tweet from @LAKings: Carter’s snipe to your again on the internet. #LAKings from @BLACKcrwn: Dion Phaneuf Jersey So Jeff Carter’s statues goes up tomorrow proper? #LAKings3-5. Buffalo.Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Ugh…. 3-5 now… #lakings from @thaligonzi_17: @LAKings ugh, this game.Empty web. 3-6. Buffalo.Tweet from @LAKings: *goes back to holiday break shopping*Final. 3-6. Buffalo.Tweet from @LAKings: Back again to back again absent online games arising, starting this Thursday… cc: @SASsoftware from @meganvaladez: yikes @LAKingsTweet from @JayLightBeer: #LAKings

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